Why Locard

How LOCARD® 7 improves productivity

LOCARD® 7 provides improved functionality to users through:

  • Off-line data capture at the crime scene – improving forensic efficiency
  • Seamless distribution of forensic outcomes to wider Police community – ensuring effective communications, minimising errors and reducing time spent answering officer queries
  • Improved forensic submissions module – aligns with external provider processes
  • Improved footwear tracking – faster matches to suspects
  • Improved navigation- simper operation, flexible navigation and reduced training needs
  • Enhanced searching – faster operation
  • Export to Microsoft Excel‘ for all search results at the click of a button
  • Customisable links to other systems – improves working with wider Police/CJ community
  • Screen area management – allows user to customise for their needs
  • Collapsible and expandable data fields/areas eg incident header, large text fields – improving productivity for operators
  • Greater awareness of related incidents/examinations – reducing time spent in chasing records.

Preserving Existing Investment

  • Familiar web interface reduces training need.
  • Aligned with current best practice and business processes
  • Single, open forensic data repository (compatible with all major 3rd party reporting products)
  • N-tier architecture with web-based access – aligns with modern ICT skillsets
  • Built-in integration layer reduces cost of communicating with other systems.


A single LOCARD® licence provides a comprehensive, truly integrated system with the following functional areas

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  • User friendly operation
  • Web based
  • Robust, reliable & comprehensive capability
  • Interoperability removes complexity
  • Versatile search and reporting


In the current financial climate, Police Forces, like all Public Sector bodies, are expected to make significant cost savings whilst maintaining frontline services.

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