Incident Logging

Easy and quick logging of all relevant data related to all types of scene examination including details of exhibits/productions collected, suspect and elimination witness information.


Provides CSI’s with a fully functioning portable version of the incident logging functionality that can be used with or without a reliable internet connection. Facilitates the capture of data at the crime scene.


Recording and tracking of PACE DNA sample information plus match reports.

Exhibit Continuity

Managed electronic tracking of all exhibits/productions from the scene of the crime, through the scientific support departments and external laboratories, to the court room.

Forensic Submissions

Recording of all information relating to dispatch of forensic samples to external laboratories.

Audit Trail

A tamper evident audit trail that maintains a detailed record of exhibit/production movement, data entry and changes made to that data.

Custody Footwear

Recording of footwear marks against suspects.

Effectiveness Monitoring

Provision of feedback forms to OICs to enable assessment of the value of the forensic service provided.


Logging of chemical treatments applied to an exhibit/production and the results of the treatments. This includes the ability to track new exhibits generated as a result of treatments performed.


A limited access component for use by system administrators which facilitates the maintenance of users and their roles, field configuration, and standing data.


Recording and tracking of PACE DNA sample information plus match reports.

Summary Results

Recording of information relating to searches and idents/ elims against suspects and elimination witnesses.


Receiving, recording and logging of all photographs, videos, print processing and copies made.

Non-CSI Ops & PR-Ops

This is of particular value in the Photographic department as it allows rapid the capture of information for images related to public relations (PR) and other non-CSI needs.