User friendly operation

The modern ergonomically designed intuitive web interface supports users in the efficient handling of their forensic tasks. It is faster to navigate, requires minimal training and is easier to use saving time in processing and handling forensic tasks.

Web based

LOCARD® requires minimal installation and configuration effort as the application is delivered to each user‘s desktop through a standard web browser. The system is compatible with either of the two market leading databases – Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Robust, reliable & comprehensive capability

LOCARD® provides a central data hub encompassing ALL major forensic disciplines and is protected with a tamper-evident audit trail for exhibit and production continuity.

Interoperability removes complexity

Information sharing technology is at the core of this third generation evidence management system. The system includes LOCARD® X-Change which utilises xml based web services that enable increased interoperability with other Police/CJ systems, improving data quality and reducing double keying of data.

Versatile search and reporting

LOCARD® has an extensive report catalogue and a powerful search capability. One-click export to Microsoft Excel facilitates offline analysis of forensic data using your favourite tools.

Why Locard?

With a fully integrated workflow that supports all key business processes LOCARD® 7 complements working practice, increasing productivity and raising the tempo of forensic investigation.

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A single LOCARD® licence provides a comprehensive, truly integrated system with the following functional areas

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In the current financial climate, Police Forces, like all Public Sector bodies, are expected to make significant cost savings whilst maintaining frontline services.

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