LOCARD® is specifically designed to facilitate such collaboration in forensic evidence management. Key benefits include:

  • Web based implementation which reduces cost.
    • LOCARD® only requires an internet browser on a standard user machine
    • Centralised application roll-out, means no desktop updates required.
  • Single implementation reduces costs for:
    • licensing;
    • backup;
    • security updates;
    • MOPI compliance.
  • Standardisation of business process across forces allows greater flexibility in deployment of forensic personnel
  • Training can be shared
  • The multi-force database delivers automatic data sharing; a key enabler for improved service and intelligence Also: (in line with Bichard recommendations).


A single LOCARD® licence provides a comprehensive, truly integrated system with the following functional areas

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Why Locard?

With a fully integrated workflow that supports all key business processes LOCARD® 7 complements working practice, increasing productivity and raising the tempo of forensic investigation.

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